Skating is a Manitoba tradition!

Nearly every town has an arena or outdoor rink for skating. Check out public skating hours at your local rink! Some spaces rent out skate assists for kids. Places like the The Forks in Winnipeg also rent skates.

While most indoor rinks have scheduled public skating times, often outdoor rinks at these venues are a bit more flexible. There is also skating at outdoor venues like The Forks, St. Vital Park and Assiniboine Park on the river and duck ponds!


The Forks

The Forks on-land trails are a go and I think they may have been extended slightly this year. Unfortunately for 2020 the river trails are unlikely to happen due to challenging ice freeze up. Click here for current openings of trails at The Forks.

Park skating ponds:

Kildonan Park 
2015 Main Street – Open Daily 8:00am – 9:30pm

Harbourview Recreation Complex 
1867 Springfield Road – Open daily 9:00am – 9:00pm, Change Facilities

St. Vital Park Duck Pond – 
190 River Road – Open daily 9:00am – 9:00pm, Change Facilities

Assiniboine Park  Duck Pond
Open daily 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Change facilities/warm up area

Pleasure Rinks

Winnipeg has these small little pleasure rinks scattered around and they are kind of adorable. They have benches to change skates but not much else. But some situated in pretty parks and are worth checking out!

Abdo and Samira El Tassi Park100 Elmwood Rd.
Applewood Park17 Applewood Bay
Archambault Park224 Rutledge Cres.
Brentford Park70 Brentford Rd.
Bunn’s Creek Centennial Park365 McIvor Ave.
Cedar Ranch Park67 Ranchgrove Bay
Elmwood Winter Club75 Brazier St.
Fraser’s Grove85 Fraser’s Grove
Hap Hopkinson Park1043 Manhattan Ave.
Kingston Park320 Kingston Cr.
Papoose ParkComanche Rd. at Mohawk Bay
Parc De La Seigneurie175 De La Seigneurie Blvd.
Ron Du Hamel Park265 Sage Creek Blvd
Sir Winston Churchill150 John Duncan Dr.
Tamarind ParkTamarind Dr. South of Whellams Lane

Winnipeg pond and pleasure rink skating information can be found here.

Listing of Winnipeg Outdoor Hockey Rinks

Click here for a listing of outdoor rinks (boards – usually at community centres.)

Winnipeg Public Skating Times

There is a list of Winnipeg arena public skating times included here but I noticed that some arenas are not on it and you may need to look up your individual community centre to see what their public skating times are because they may change weekly.

Also many of them have special holiday schedules – skating can be a great way to spend time over the holiday break.

Rural Rinks

Lots of rural rinks have set public skating days and times. There are too many to list here (although I may work on that!). In the meantime here are a couple tools to look up rural rinks: