Deer Meadow Farms opens in May and runs until late fall.

They have settled into their new location on Springfield Rd just outside the east Perimeter Highway. This sprawling property features a ton for kids to do and see. From pigs, goats and chickens to a wagon train ride and forest of deer – kids are immersed in a fun, kid friendly farm experience.

Check out the herd of Fallow Deer that roam a huge section of the property. Kids also love playing on the hay bale mountain and the giant sand hill full of huge tractor tires. Bring a picnic lunch or visit their canteen and farm store for something to eat. They also host special fall events like their storybook lane that brings classic fairy tales to life and also the forbidden forest. These events run in October. Visit their website for more information. Link to location.


2019 Spring/Summer Admission Rates
$11 (Ages 3 & Up)

2019 Fall Admission Rates
$12 (ages 3-11)
$13 General Admission (ages 12 & Up)
INCLUDES: Animal Alley & BunnyVille, Wild Game Preserve & Wagon Train Ride, Tired Mountain, Corn Maze, Fort Frontier & Bale pyramid. 

Storybook Lane: Add $7/pp 
INCLUDES all regular farm activities PLUS Storybook Lane.  Available only on selected dates in October. 

Forbidden Forest: $28/pp
INCLUDES all regular farm activities PLUS the Haunted Hayride and Forbidden Forest.  Available only on selected dates in October. 


2019 SPRING HOURS (Starting May 15-June)
Mon-Friday 10am-2pm
Saturday    10am-6pm
Sunday      1pm-6pm

Holidays/Special Hrs
May Long/Victoria Day
Canada Day: 10-4
August Long
Sept Long

Mon-Friday 10am-2pm
Saturday    10am-6pm

FALL HOURS (Sept 2019)
Weekdays: Mon-Friday 10am-2pm
Weekday Evenings: Wed 5pm-10pm
Weekends: Friday 5pm-10pm   Sat 10am-9pm   Sun 1pm-6pm